Accelerate Schedules and Reduce Costs with Offsite Construction Solutions

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About Spek

The Future of the Building Industry

Offsite construction solutions provide the freedom to design and prefabricate volumetric units such as bathrooms, kitchen and exterior façades in a controlled manufacturing environment. Spek, an extension of the KHS&S brand, brings innovative prefabrication and manufacturing solutions to clients and customers, accelerating construction schedules and reducing construction costs.

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Our Process

An Easy and Streamlined Process

/ 01 Design

Completely Customize Your Solutions with our Design‑Assist Services

Our Design‑Assist services engage the owner, architect and Spek’s design team during the early Preconstruction phase. PBUs and PKUs can be fully customized.

/ 02 Digital Fabrication

Visualize the Final Product Prior to Production

With our Digital Fabrication, manufacturing is driven by technology using exact computer-generated measurements. These services allow clients to visualize the final product in an accurate 3D model prior to production.

/ 03 Installation

We Bring a Builder’s Perspective to Installation

Spek has the added benefit of bringing a builder’s perspective to the installation process. Once the units leave production and arrive at the job, Spek is onsite, bringing years of installation experience.

A Production Facility for Volumetric Prefabrication

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, the Spek fabrication facility has the space and technology for mass production. Union associates work at the facility prefabricating all components of prefabricated units including framing, drywall, tile, and MEP point of connection elements.


We’re Taking Prefabrication to the Next Level

Spek’s offsite construction solutions drive volumetric prefabrication through innovation, design‑assist and manufacturing. An early adapter of prefabrication, KHS&S has prefabricated thousands of exterior façades and bathrooms dating back to 2001. Spek takes the same quality and prefabrication mindset to the next level and introduces one of a kind products to the building industry.

Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU)

Prefabricated Kitchen Units (PKU)

Prefabricated Façades image

Prefabricated Façades

Prefabricated Custom Solutions image

Prefabricated Custom Solutions

Key Markets

  • Healthcare
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Education / Student Housing
  • Hospitality

The Benefits

Spek’s Offsite Construction has Many Benefits

/ 01

Accelerate Construction Schedules

/ 02

Generate Significant Savings

/ 03

Deliver Better Quality

/ 04

Streamline Material Procurement

/ 05

Easily Implement and Install

/ 06

Improve Safety and Reduce Risk

/ 07

Begin Prefabrication Before the Project Breaks Ground

PBU line drawing

60 Days

The average amount of time saved
with offsite construction


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PBUs and PKUs?

Prefabricated Bathroom Units and Prefabricated Kitchen Units.

Are PBUs or PKUs less costly?

Yes, a majority of the time. This mainly depends on the building type and location. Building type includes those with 100+ units and sized for truck transport. Optimal locations are metropolis or very remote. Offsetting high cost onsite construction labor or inability to secure labor, makes PBUs and PKUs cost advantageous.

When does a decision have to be made for PBU and/or PKUs?

This is very important to the project! Typically during or before design development and prior to MEP pricing and engagement, to ensure effective coordination - if possible, even before project scoping and bid packaging.

Do slabs have to be depressed?

Usually not. Spek units flooring can get down to less than 1/2” while maintaining ADA compliance.

What are Prefabricated Facades?

Prefabricated Facades are exterior facades that are prefabricated offsite and can be flown into place with almost any finish.

What’s important to know when designing Prefabricated Facades?

Bypass slab conditions and joint detailing.

Can glazing be incorporated in the Prefabricated Facades?

Yes, many Prefabricated Facades include glazing and can be installed offsite.

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Offsite construction is just one of the many ways KHS&S is addressing your onsite project issues. With improved upfront planning and manufacturing in a controlled environment, quality and precision is enhanced, and delays & rework are mitigated. Send us a note and let us show you how Spek can benefit your project.